Each day I can do a little more and become more of what is true.

I’m happy to share a collage of some improvisations I did playing a prototype of my friend Sung Kim’s amazing instrument called the Gigantar. It’s very heavy and plays like a bass with tons of other perks…on this recording you unfortunately can’t hear the sympathetic strings that are behind the neck of the instrument. Again, this is a beast.

In about 3 months, myself and a ton of bay area musicians are going to get together in curated ensembles and make sense of these instruments together. It should be awesome. I’m really excited. Sung and I are also collaborating on a film by Jesus Beltran called Americano. I think we’ll get to it this summer. (?)

Speaking of Jesus, please check out his baby Desmadre.com. He’s been featuring more videos with my music in them which has been a way for many folks to hear all of the weird sounds I get to make. 

I will be happy to share about a cool project I’ve been involved in next week. :P