I recently had the privilege of collaborating with friend and artist John Felix Arnold III. He and I have been friends for about 6-7 years now (what?!) and have both experienced each other grow and develop as artists. I've done some sound design for him in the past while he's helped out my band's album covers, but this was truly a collaboration.

A great deal of Felix's art revolves around a post-apocalyptic world - The World of Unstoppable Tomorrow - a mythology of what is to come, all intertwined with personal and social commentary. If you combined Miyazaki, Frank Miller, Jodorowsky, Basquiat and The Nothing from the Neverending Story, you'd be chipping the iceberg. It is dense, immersive, mystical and surreal all at the same time.

In Excorrigia-The Scourge, Felix asked me to me to make something demonic, like hell. He gave me some initial sounds to mess with and then I had the pleasure of making a crazy sound design with my voice speaking in other-worldy tongues. This was a twenty minute piece so here's an excerpt: 

The second piece, Pilgrimage, was recently at Shooting Gallery in San Francisco. I was asked to write more blissed out tunes. Felix and I both have the same feeling of what is blissed out since most people think it's still pretty depressing. Like minds! I edited Pilgrimage II and made it an instrumental excerpt as there is spoken content that won't make sense unless you are at the installation in person. 

Please go to Felix's website and check out each piece of amazingly crafted and designed pieces. I really look forward to continuing to foster more collaborations!