Back at it

It's been a quiet first quarter of 2015. To be honest, it's usually this way. There is a ramp up before the holidays, and then ... radio silence. I always tend to freak out a little bit, but now I am in a place where, despite my hustle, people contact me from time to time. I've used some of that time to work on a project with a fellow composer George Hurd. Be on the lookout soon for that.

I happy to announce three awesome projects I'm working on. The first project is fun: I'm creating music for an app called Goblinarium and it will be launched in May in Google's San Francisco offices. Dragons, fantasy, and encouraging imagination are the themes, so I'm down with that. Especially dragons. I'll be able to share some music after the launch.

Shortly after that, I'll be sending off music for the film Canto del Colibri. I'm really proud to have been asked to work on this project, as it's such a wonderful documentary. It revolves around Latino fathers coming face to face with their children coming out and working to dispel common stereotypes of Latino men, machismo, etc. I get to collaborate once again with a long time friend, Jesus Beltran, as well as working alongside the film's director Marco Castro-Borjorquez. The film will premiere at Framline39 San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival in late June. (!!!!!!!)

Lastly, I get to work with my favorites, RAWdance. I'm really honored to have found these creative partners who have been trusting me with their work. In mid/late July, they are premiering a new piece called "Through my fingers to the deep" at the Yuerba Buena Gardens Festival. I have nothing more to write about it though, because it's still in that theoretical phase. 

It's going to be a busy Q2, but I'm not complaining! Creating art and collaborating with new and old friends is pretty fulfilling.