As I formulate what to write here, I'm listening to the mesmerizing sounds of lee. The past two months have been expansive. It started with wonderful retreat at The Walden School where I spent a week with the most amazing musicians and composers. I learned so much and was challenged to take risks and be vulnerable. I am eternally grateful.  

The Goblinarium app is back in the garage for some upkeep, but I thought I'd share the themes from the app!! These are the themes for each character. I'll be posting when everything is back and running to download onto your device. 

Shortly after I arrived back home, I went to a screening of El Canto del Colibri at Frameline 39. Always fun to hear my tunes on the big screen.


Last weekend I was so happy to immerse myself in the fruits of another successful collaboration with RAWdance. I'm hoping to share the music with you all in some way shape or form. It's always amazing to connect with like minded artists and develop a sense of trust and love. There is never a sense of editing myself or using the professional boundaries that I use when I work on other projects. This is art through and through...a pure release.  I can't believe they're going to be doing a redux of MIne in December. Some surprises will come from that I'm sure! Here's a little mashup of this past weekend's show:

Through my eyes to the deep Mashup from Joel St. Julien on Vimeo.

Some highlights from the world premiere of Through my eyes to the deep at the Yuerba Buena Gardens Festival July 17-19 2015 in San Francisco, CA. Video by Rhea St. Julien

I hope you are are all being artful in some way. Keep making art, whether it's how you live your life or the medium in which you practice ... keep doing it over and over again.