Every Rise EP is out!

I am extremely excited and proud to share this album with you. This album is about being let down and having absolutely no way out other than acceptance. What I'm most happy about is that it has a mix of songs and ambient works. I hope you enjoy it. Listening and sharing it with others is an amazing way to support my work. Creating art is one of the few antidotes to the frightening place the world continues to be. 


My friend Jesus Beltran and I spent an afternoon shooting the video for 'Every Rise' in his backyard which happens to be Upper Stevens Creek County Park near the Santa Cruz Mountains. We ended up hiking 7.5 miles in the process!  The first cut of the video was beautiful but as I watched it, I was reminded by one of my favorite videos of all time 'So What Cha Want?' There is such a weird, psychedelic nature to it with nothing much to say but playing in the woods. We made it even weirder and I'm so happy with the result. Mystery lives in nature and that's what this song is about. Please enjoy.